Thursday, August 11, 2011

"Google's Holding Me Back"

Google was soo mad about how much money I made in such a short period of time, that they raped me for my advertisements!! With over 1,300 hits in only 2 weeks, the advertisers will surely regret it when my traffic quadrupels after this video drops!! I will be moving this blog to a different site shortly just to give everyone a heads up. Anyway back to the real, our final shoot is just about a week away and I can smell the finish line!! It's been a long time coming and to be honest I'm looking foward to moving on to the next project, but I need to stay focused!! I have about a dozen more songs in the works but rhino vision is key at this point! Next friday should be alot of fun, I have the place for 4-5 hours so hopefully we can bang out the shots we need and spend the rest of the evening celebrating!!!

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