Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"How stupid do they think I am?"

Got a call today from a casting agency telling me that I match the profile perfectly to act in a movie featuring Johnny Depp and Nicole Kidman, and the job pays 800 to 900 dollars a day!! So of course I say "OK where's this audition?" So he tells me in the thickest Indian accent I've ever heard that before he can give me the information that I have to pay 120.00 dollars for him to be my talent advisor for the next 6months. As if I want a guy who I can barely understand to be my talent advisor!! First of all, I feel I need nobody!! There is no need to be stifled by agencies, I am going to stay focused on MY projects and open my own window! And while there will always be somebody trying to keep me down, I'm confident in the fact that I'm retardedly talented and diagnosed with up-syndrome as I continue to pass even my own expectations!!

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