Monday, July 18, 2011

Blood is thicker than sauce!!!

More shots on Saturday than an alchy when he binges
Although the day was dope we weren't shootin with syringes
Cause the man in the back had the Cannon for that
Capturing every moment like Sals hand when he smacked
...Me in the dome twice
Brian was my home slice
Jenn was my house wife
With curlers in her hair with a stare like "I hate this"
When Sean poured the sauce she was not a happy waitress
Justin's drinkin the props with his hand on the brew
O'callihan mad at me like "Who the fuck you talkin to?!"
Joli kept us on track like locomotive coals
And special thanks to Jamie even the cannoli felt at home
The whole damn day flowed steady like the Nile
I don't think anyone was ready for my dads projectile
But the parm wasn't vile cause my mom made the food
And Gia's experience for sure set the mood
Everybody stay-tuned they'll be pictures posted soon!!!

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