Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Photos from "Im Italian" video shoot part.1

Wait til you see where this canoli ends up!!
I'd be a hit at a chubby girls bachelorette party...Muscles & Pastries!!
Getting schooled by Fiance Fatbutt my acting coach!!
Crouch shot!!
Don't zoom in too much Tommy you don't want my meat to break the camera!!
PA Jorgey controlling the music!
Fatbutt trying to show me how to work my fat butt!
"Oh like that, I get it now"
Tommy Rosario my Director and Tim the 1st AD
Technical Difficulties!
Jorgey's like "Let's goo I haven't slept in 36 hours!!"
"What in the F**K"
"By Jorgey I think I got it"
"That's rite bitches!!"
"Let's do work!!"
"Back in position!!"
White shirt means 5th outfit change of the night!!
"Whats the line again? Oh yea I'm Italian!!
7 hours of shooting is catching up to me!!
Sweatin Olive Oil at this point!!
Madonna Mia this light is HOT!!
"Hey Guys you think I could catch a tan from these rays"
Every once in a while you gotta check out your Biceps and make sure there still there!!
You Wouldn't understand it's a guinea thang!!
I think I'm getting ready to do the Horny Bartender!!
"I'd say his chest fro is big enough, what do you think Tim?"
Dusty didn't know what he was getting into when he decided to get into the movie industry!!
Dusty: " Damn Fiance's got a Fatbutt"
"Oh no he's getting shiny"
"Cut!! Get this man another shot"
Remember that but Fuhgeddaboudit!!
MALIZIA ring bells like a championship fight...
Im Italian Rocky Marciano when i grip Mics!!
"ok ok we get it your Italian"
It's a wrap!! Now for Shots of Patron!!


  1. I can not wait to see this video! I think I may laugh so hard I might pee my pants! LOL

  2. what the hell happened to the joe i used to know? you look good my old friend