Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pics from Saturday that fell thru the cracks!!

"Ok Joe this scene calls for meat sauce,
 so why don't you go ahead and put some sausage in there!!"

"When you stand behind your old lady
 do you think maybe you could be just a little more misogynistic?"

"With the rite amount of cover up,
 I should be able give your nose more of a petite appearance"

On lookers wait for this miracle to occur.

"Almost done let me just add some finishing touches and voila!!"

"Ummm...Yea maybe just put some shades on him"

"It could be worst Jamie, instead of being accosted by a connoli
 you could be doing a scene with a ball python like my last model,
 look up for inspiration!!"

Does anyone else feel like Pee Wee Herman
 could sit down next to Jorgey at any moment??

Don't sweat it Jamie this is the last picture of your crouch!!

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